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I was born with Cerebral Palsy which means I spend most of my day in a power wheelchair relying on my wife for help with many things. I am very lucky to have my wife of ten years, Jessica Murphy. My wife and I adopted our oldest two sons from foster care, Jose and Adrian, shortly after the adoption was official, we became pregnant with our oldest biological son Owen and then quickly after that we had our little guy Brandt. I am a proud husband and father.

 Since 2015, I have dedicated virtually all my free time to fighting for  change.  In 2022, I ran for the State Board of Equalization, I got over 225,000 votes but I didn't win. Now I am running for the County Board of Supervisors to bring the change this County needs.

I very much look forward to campaigning for this Supervisor seat. We need a Supervisor who will stand up for the working class, work to house the unhoused, give our County workers and IHSS providers a raise… and so much more.

I humbly ask for your vote on 3/5/24.

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